The team

At Involve

Tim Hughes is the full-time Involve researcher for the project. He previously worked as a Researcher for the National School of Government’s Sunningdale Institute. Tim has a Masters in Public Administration and is interested in citizen centred public service and institutional reform.

Diane Warburton is a founder and board member of Involve. She is an independent researcher, writer and evaluator of public, stakeholder and community participation, working through Shared Practice and as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Brighton.

Simon Burall is Director of Involve as well as the Chair of Democratic Audit and an Ambassador for WWF UK. Before moving to Involve he was a Research Fellow at ODI. Prior to this he was the Executive Director of the One World Trust.


Sarah Miller is the full-time IVR researcher for the project. She has a BA (Honours) in Global Development Studies and Women’s Studies from Queen’s University in Canada, and a MA in Theatre and Media for Development from the University of Winchester. An interest in participation and community development has run throughout her career, which has included work in community and public radio, Canadian provincial government, a community youth development charity, and a popular education charity.

Nick Ockenden is Director of IVR where he has worked since 2005. In his time at IVR he has been involved with a wide variety of projects, but maintains a particular interest in the activities of volunteer-led groups and community-based organisations.


Ellie Brodie is the full-time NCVO researcher for the project. She has an MA in Research Methods and International Politics and, before taking up her current role at NCVO, was an Associate Fellow for the Office for Public Management (OPM), a not-for-profit research consultancy.

Véronique Jochum is Research Manager at NCVO and manages the project. She leads the NCVO research team’s work in the area of citizen engagement and voluntary action. Her most recent publications include: Faith and voluntary action (2007) and The Voluntary Sector Strategic Analysis (2008).

Karl Wilding leads NCVO’s research function. He is also a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, City University, where he helped set up the Centre for Giving and Philanthropy, and is a trustee of St Albans CVS.