Project resources

These resources were produced by the Pathways through Participation team during the course of the project. We’d love to hear what you think and how you’re using them, so please drop us an email with any feedback.

Final report

This is the final report of the project. Based on 101 interviews, it explores people’s experiences of participation, how and why participation begins continues and stops, and the links and patterns in people’s participation.

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Summary report

This report summarises the findings from the project and our recommendations for future policy and practice.

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Informing and influencing policy

This briefing paper summarises the findings and implications for national policy agendas.

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Local engagement in democracy

This briefing paper summarises the findings and implications for local engagement in democracy.

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Volunteering as a participation pathway

This briefing paper summarises the findings and implications for volunteer management.

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Research, engagement and impact

This briefing paper reviews the project’s approach to research and stakeholder engagement, highlights how the project set about linking research to policy and practice, and critically assesses some of the research methods and tools that were used.

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Understanding participation: A literature review

This report is a literature review exploring participation in context (historical and current), in practice (the activities and actors), and in theory (the concepts).

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Reviewing the literature

These briefing papers summarised the findings of the literature review:

What is participation?

What are the drivers of participation?

Who participates?

Why participate?

Project reports

These reports covered our emerging findings and reflections on our approach:

Strengthening participation: Learning from participants

Using participatory mapping to explore participation in three communities

Situated practice: Initial reflections on the organisation of participation

Learning and action workshop materials

Here you will find reports of and materials from learning and action workshops in each of our fieldwork areas.

Conference papers

Here you will find conference papers we have presented during the course of the project.


Here you will find presentations we have given during the course of the project.


Here you will find an archive of our newsletter during the course of the project.